Employee benefits

We wouldn’t be who we are with out out world leading staff they are one of our biggest assets.

We like to think we take the smart approach by providing our staff with a lots of support, a lovely work environment, and an award winning benefits package.

We have a new pension plan in place. The Alyth Pension Plan is a defined contribution scheme. Contributions from both you and us are paid into a Special Account which is invested and managed by Portafina. On retirement, the Retirement Account is used to provide payouts to you.

The amount of benefits will depend on:

  • the amount of contributions
  • the investment returns achieved on the
  • investment and administration charges
  • the annuity rate

If you would like to find our more why not watch Portafina’s Pensions video or just pensions in general please visit their website which has all the information you will need.